Wednesday, November 14, 2007

6:00pm - 8pm

Registration/Reception - Omni Royal Orleans Hotel

Day One Thursday, November 15, 2007

  Esplanade Room Promenade Room Burgundy Room-2nd Floor

Continental Breakfast - Esplanade Foyer

9:00-9:15 Welcome    
9:15-9:50 halFILE 3.0    
10:00-10:50 New Document Clipboard and Indexing Shortcuts    
11:00-11:50 Data Verification and Clean Up Tools

Forms Integration with CountyCashier and halFILE

12:00-1:15 Lunch - Royal Garden Terrace, 2nd Floor
1:15-2:05 Training: Crystal Reports Basic Training: halFILE and System Administration  

Training: halFILE Search, Proximity, Full Text

Email Collector

Computer Lab


3:10-4:00 Workflow/Full Text Indexing  
4:10-5:00 Real Life Disaster Recovery  
5:00-5:30 Ask-It-Basket/Q & A    

Meet in Hotel Lobby, walk to restaurant

7:00 - 9:00pm

Dinner in the French Quarter

Day Two - Friday, November 16, 2007
  Esplanade Room Promenade Room Burgundy Room-2nd Floor

Continental Breakfast - Esplanade Foyer

9:00-9:50 Firefighter Resources    
10:00-10:50 Title Examination

New Features and Modules in CountyCashier 3.1

11:00-11:50 Possibilities on the Web    
11:50-12:00 Ask-It-Basket/Q & A    
12:00-1:30 Lunch (on your own)

Training: halFILE Capture and Index

Training: halFILE Administrator

Computer Lab


2:30-3:20 Training: Crystal Reports Advanced Training: halFILE Active Directory & halFILE
3:30-4:20 Vista and halFILE SQL Server 2005

Session Descriptions 

halFILE 3.0

New halFILE version 3.0 is released!  Details on the steps involved in obtaining and installing the upgrade.  Session includes demonstration of new features and functions in halFILE 3.0.


New Features and Modules in CountyCashier 3.1

Learn how CountyCashier 3.1 handles the generation and tracking of Fictitious Business Name forms in the FBN Module, as well as marriage license forms for the state of California in the Marriage module. We will also review useful database designs for Vital Records/certified copy printing, Fish and Game, Passports, Notary, 20-day Notice, and Maps.


The New Document Clipboard and More Indexing Shortcuts

Learn about halFILE 3.0's "Document Clipboard" feature, plus indexing shortcut features including hot keys, auto fill, new duplication features, and more.


Possibilities on the Web - Customer Panel

Web based Document Management using e.halFILE, eCommerce,


Data Verification and Cleanup Tools provided with halFILE

Improve your data content and consistency by learning how to use the tools that are available to help identify data integrity issues and missing images.


Training:  halFILE Administrator

Basic training on the halFILE administration module.  Learn how to create a halFILE database, run the halFILE update service, halFILE security administration, administrative reports, and more!


Forms Integration with CountyCashier and halFILE

Take a look at the FormDocs forms generator that we use inside CountyCashier 3.1 and how it can help collect index information and store it inside halFILE.


Training:  halFILE Capture and Index

Basic training on halFILE Scan, Import, Associated Import, and Index modules.


Training: halFILE and System Administration

A discussion of the administrative procedures required to keep your halFILE in tune, such as scheduling backup jobs, archiving, etc.


Training:  Crystal Reports Advanced

In-depth Crystal Reports training including creating a detail report with amount field totals using Crystal Reports outside of halFILE, using the Report Wizard to make database connections and insert fields, creating users parameter prompts, creating a summary report, adding the summary report as a sub report, adding a report in the halFILE Admin menu.


Training:  Crystal Reports Basic

Learn how to design a Crystal Report within halFILE. Session includes an overview along with prerequisites for successful report creation and some simple bells & whistles.


Training:  Active Directory and halFILE

Is halFILE’s new support of Active Directory for you?  Find out how it is set up and what it can do to save you time.


Training:  halFILE Search, Proximity, Full Text

Basic training on halFILE Search module including a look into powerful new Search features.


Vista and halFILE

halFILE 3.0 is now certified on Vista, but what are the issues you face as you upgrade to Vista?


Email Collector

Discover how this new module works to collect and index your email in a halFILE database, plus a look at the stand-alone desktop module for non-halFILE users.


SQL Server 2005

A look at SQL Server 2005 Management Console and SQL Server 2005, including a discussion of the 64-bit product. Is an upgrade worthwhile?


halFILE Workflow / Full Text Indexing

halFILE 3.0 includes new workflow/document routing and full-text indexing features.  Review these features and determine their application in your organization.


Ask-It-Basket / Q & A

Ask questions specifically related to your company use, or fill out the ‘What’s On Your Mind’ form located in the pocket of your HUG Binder.  Drop it off at one of the purple boxes located in the general session room.  We’ll answer your questions during these sessions.  You can also give us input on the enhancements and improvements you would like to see in the new version of halFILE.


Real Life Disaster Recovery – Customer Panel

Real-life episodes of disaster recovery from our halFILE clients.  Share your own disaster experience and/or models for avoiding loss of data and images.  Learn how a County or a halFILE Backup Service recovery works.  Plus, the Katrina Recovery - Southern Title Company, Sandra Terrebonne.


Computer Lab

A Computer Lab will be open on Thursday and  Friday on the 2nd floor.  Please drop by or make an appointment to have your specific halFILE or CountyCashier questions answered by the hal Systems Staff.  There will also be an internet kiosk available for checking email along with a printer for or your use.


Firefighter Resources / halFILE Tech Support Problem Solving

We’ve reviewed our tech support databases so we can present to you the most common tech support issues and how they are resolved.  Learn about the technical support resources available on our web page www.halfile,com.  



Title Examination

A panel discussion on what computerized Title Examination practices work well for different companies.  Use the computerized plant to reduce your workload and improve turn-around times. This is your chance to learn more about some time saving tools you may not be using.